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Oak Trees and Acorns

In many cultures the oak tree is sacred and is often connected to legends of deities. The Celts, Romans, Greeks and Teutonic tribes all had legends connected to the oak tree. Rulers often wore crowns of oak leaves as a symbol of their connection to the divine and the symbol of an oak leaf is still used to this day as a symbol of leadership, often in the military.

Oak trees can live for over 600 years and are considered mature between the ages of 40 and 60. Only mature trees produce acorns. It’s no wonder our ancestors regarded this tree as a symbol of strength, perseverance and hard work. Oak groves were used as meeting places for celebrations, rituals and sabbaths and decorated accordingly with ribbons, garlands, wishes and offerings. We can’t talk about oak trees and not mention the OAK KING, we hosted a workshop recently all about the oak king and I did write a blog post about it, you can read it HERE if you would like.

Acorns are a symbol of strength and have been used as talisman for centuries. Simply carry one with you for protection and to remind you of the patience, perseverance and hard work it takes to attain your goals.

We have some really lovely acorn pendants in stock at the moment, they are hollow so that you can keep charms, talisman or spells in them. They are available HERE if you want to have a peep.

Now back to the subject of Oak trees...Oak bark has been used in medicine for a long time, it is a powerful astringent and antiseptic and can be brewed in to a tea or made in to a powder, it is effective in the treatment of a fever and high temperature and bruised oak leaves can be crushed and applied to stings, cuts, bites and burns to relieve inflammation ( I am not a doctor so please seek medical help if needed ).

Oak Magic

  • Two twigs bound in an equal armed cross with red twine can be hung up as a charm against evil.

  • Carry an acorn as a charm for youthfulness, fertility and energy.

  • Acorns placed on a windowsill are said to protect against lightning.

  • A fire made from oak is said to burn away sickness from a home.

  • Plant an acorn by the light of the moon to invoke prosperity.

  • Camp beside an oak tree to be blessed with good luck, happiness and prosperity ( don’t forget to leave an offering ).

  • Burn a handful of oak leave to purify an area.

you can use oak and acorns in many forms, dried and powdered for spells, straight from the tree for talisman and spell bags. In teas and tinctures, the list is a long one and although you can use any ingredient in any spell the oak works best in spells and rituals for

  • Strength.

  • Courage.

  • Longevity.

  • Protection.

  • Fertility.

  • Luck.

  • Money.

Do you have a favourite spell that contains Oak? Let us know about it. Join the Altar Collective Coven on Facebook and share your experiences with us.

Love and Light

Becci and Holly

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