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Green Man Workshop

We run a lot of workshops here at Altar. They are all based around mindfulness, spell work, meditation and learning about the different paths we all take. Refreshments are always provided and you not only take home something you have made but a wealth of information that you can record down in your BOS.

One of my favourite recent workshops was the Green Man. Not only did we learn all about this masculine figure and his importance in alternative practices but we made a very masculine witches ladder to hang in your home with pride. It was very informative and we had loads of fun.

I didn’t write this blog post to give you information on the Green Man ( he is fascinating tho so go look him up ) but to show off some pictures of the event.

I won’t ramble any longer, here they are…

If you want to know more about our workshops, the studio space or anything about our practice feel free to ask, we welcome questions and love your input.

Love and Light

Becci and Holly

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