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Magickal Sound Healing

We are very lucky to have Andrea joining us on Friday 10th May for a magickal sound healing session. Check her out on you tube ( link below ), she uses instruments and her own beautiful voice to take you on a healing journey through guided meditation and sound.

if you would like to book please follow this link

"Andrea works as an Intuitive Practitioner of Vocal Sound & Energy Alignment. As well as a 25 year background in energy and healing work, she has been channelling sound healing frequencies and light language through her voice since 2012.

She creates a beautifully hypnotic and deeply profound sound medicine journey, along with healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums and rattles, which work to slow brain wave activity, calm the mind and bring you gently to a place of inner peace and stillness.

Sound healing helps to release tension in the body, reduces stress levels, calms chaotic thoughts, balances the energy centres (chakras) in the body and raises your overall vibration and sense of wellbeing.

Benefits are many, and include deep relaxation, calmer mind, better sleep, reduced pain and discomfort, mental clarity, and produces a greater sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Andrea works with individuals and groups to assist with bringing them into energetic alignment with their own personal intentions for healing and manifesting, as well as shifting any creative or negative blocks."

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