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Boscastle and the 3 Bees

On a recent trip to Cornwall we visited our favourite place, The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, We absolutely adore Boscastle and the surrounding areas so its a must visit every time we venture to that beautiful part of the UK. While we were there we took some time to research local folk law and traditions as part of our spiritual and business growth, I came across the 3 Bees and absolutely loved the idea, you used to be able to buy 3 Bees in a bag from the Museum shop but they are not available anymore There are still loads of awesome things in the shop so visit the website if you can, or even better visit the museum!

Back to the Bees! According to Devonshire folk law dried Bees kept in a pouch and hung in the home will bring Health Happiness and Good Fortune and who doesn't need some of that? The trip inspired me to make our own version of the 3 Bees charm we have added Old Keys, Charms, Beads, Bones and Acorn Bells as well as a Goddess charm to make a powerful talisman for Protection, Love, Success, Abundance & Health, The bees are silver coloured charms so no need for dead bees if that's not your type of thing. Each one is made intuitively and with intention so no two are exactly the same, You can by them here or you can attend one of our witches bells workshops to make your own and add your own elements to make it a truly personal talisman.

Bees are not only essential to the survival of the planet they also have a rich and varied history and folk law, not only that, Honey is used in many spells ranging from love potions, sweetening spells and kitchen witchery not to mention that they are absolutely beautiful and mesmerising to watch. I wrote a previous post on bees a few years ago, if you would like to read it you can do so HERE.

Devonshire folklore, like many regional folklore traditions, is rich with stories and symbolism, including tales and beliefs related to bees. Bees have long been associated with various aspects of nature, agriculture, and folklore. Here are some general bee-related beliefs and symbolism in British folklore:

  1. Bees as Symbols of Industry and Productivity: Bees are often seen as symbols of hard work and industry. They are admired for their diligence in collecting nectar and creating honey, which was a valuable commodity in many cultures, including Cornwall.

  2. Bees in Healing Folklore: In some folk traditions, bee-related products like honey and beeswax were believed to have medicinal properties. Honey, for instance, was used for its healing properties and as an ingredient in various remedies.

  3. Bees in Superstitions: Bees were sometimes associated with superstitions. For example, it was considered bad luck to kill a bee, as it was believed to bring misfortune. Instead, if a bee entered your home, it was customary to gently guide it outside.

  4. Bees and Agriculture: Bees play a vital role in pollinating crops, and their presence was often seen as a good omen for a successful harvest. In Cornish agricultural folklore, bee activity may have been closely observed and interpreted as a sign of the health of crops.

  5. Bees in Mythology: While not specific to Cornwall, bees and honey are recurring motifs in mythology and folklore worldwide. Bees are often associated with goddesses and deities, and honey is sometimes considered the "nectar of the gods."

  6. Bees in Folk Sayings: Bees have found their way into various folk sayings and proverbs, which are passed down through generations. For instance, sayings like "busy as a bee" or "the bee's knees" highlight the bee's industrious nature.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed researching it, next time see a bee make sure you thank her for all of her hard work and plant lots and lots of flowers so that this important and wonderful guardian of the earth doesn't dissappear forever.

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