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3 Bees Witches Bells
  • 3 Bees Witches Bells

    Hang these witches bells on your front door to protect your home from negativity, lack and unwanted energy.

    Made intuitively by our in house witches these bells are made from charms, keys, beads, bones, twine and keys.

    Teamed with acorn shaped bells to add an element of good luck, prosperity and fertility as well and 3 Bee charms as in Devon it was a tradition to put 3 dried bees in a bag and then hang them in your home to bring health, happiness and good fortune, we think this is a great alternative to dead bees.

    Each set is handmade so will differ slightly from the photos, there will always be the same elements with just slight differences in appearance.

      Only 2 left in stock
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