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Who Loves Subscription Boxes? We Do!

Have you ever ordered a Subscription box before? Its like receiving a gift from yourself every month, you know it's coming but the contents is a total surprise, what's not to love?

We theme our subscription boxes every month, making them extra special as a lot of time, energy and research goes in to each one.

The contents vary depending on the theme but you can expect a set number of items, the average box includes:-

  • A mini print and sticker by various artists.

  • A crystal to aid in spell work and manifestation.

  • A custom made spell with the ingredients and instructions needed to perform it.

  • A surprise gift, some examples are, wax melts, incense holder, crystal grid, key ring, herbs, oils, candles etc. these will always be good quality and where possible made locally.

  • A5 Grimoire pages packed full of information for you to keep and stick in your own Grimoire.

  • Yummy treats.

  • A discount code to use online or in store.

The themes also vary depending on the time of year, sabbats, moon phases etc so you will always be learning something new. Each box is released on the website during the first week of the month and stays active to order until the last day of the month. We then make the boxes and ship out to you during the first week of the next month. For example if you place an order on 8th March you will receive it between the 1st and 7th April, and so on. You can buy them monthly yourself by visiting the website or set up a 6 month subscription where the money will be taken automatically every month, you can cancel anytime so don't worry about being locked in to it.

I'll leave you with some examples of past boxes, we are learning about, refining and growing these boxes every month, we love them and we hope you do too.

October's Samhain Box

December's Krampus Box

November's Self Love Box

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