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What is Walpurgis?

Merry Walpurgis!

Walpurgis Night, also known as Walpurgisnacht in German, is a traditional festival celebrated in various European countries on the night of April 30th. The origins of the festival can be traced back to pre-Christian pagan celebrations that marked the transition from winter to spring and the fertility of the land.

In German folklore, it is believed that on Walpurgis Night, witches would gather on the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains, to hold a grand Sabbath. This belief led to the popular association of the festival with witches, sorcery, and other supernatural occurrences.

Today, Walpurgis Night is celebrated in various ways across different European countries. In Germany, for example, it is celebrated with bonfires, music, and dancing, while in Sweden, it is a time for feasting and singing traditional songs. In Finland, the festival is known as Vappu and is celebrated as a day of student festivities and workers' rights.

Overall, Walpurgis Night is a cultural celebration that has a rich history and continues to be an important part of the cultural heritage of many European countries.

However you celebrate this special bank holiday remember to stay safe, have fun and honour the earth, your deities and ancestors. The veil is at its thinnest as it is directly opposite to Samhain, so eat drink and be merry and welcome the coming warmer months and the upcoming abundance.

Witches going to their Sabbath, 1878. By Luis Ricardo Falero

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