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Moon Phases 2023

The moon is as mysterious as it is beautiful and if you are anything like me you will spend a lot of time staring out of your window at the stunning glow it has when it is at its fullest. Following the moon phases is a great way to connect to yourself and the earth, it helps you to slow down and live more mindfully and taking a barefoot walk in the moonlight is just the perfect way to ground yourself.

Using the moon phases in your spell work isn't essential but it can give them a major upgrade, help them manifest quicker and add an extra layer of ceremony to your practice. There are many books, websites and blog posts dedicated to moon magick so I won't go in to details but here is a quick list of the new and full moons of 2023 to help you plan your spells, manifestations and shadow work.


5th:- Full Moon ( Snow Moon ).

20th:- New Moon.


7th:- Full Moon ( Worm Moon ).

21st:- New Moon.


6th:- Full Moon ( Pink Moon ).

19th:- New Moon.


5th:- Full Moon ( Flower Moon ).

19th:- New Moon.


3rd:- Full Moon ( Strawberry Moon ).

17th:- New Moon.


3rd:- Full Moon ( Buck Moon ).

17th:- New Moon.


1st:- Full Moon ( Sturgeon Moon ).

15th:- New Moon.

31st:- Full Moon ( Blue Moon ).


14th:- New Moon.

29th:- Full Moon ( Harvest Moon ).


14th:- New Moon.

28th:- Full Moon ( Hunters Moon ).


12th:- New Moon.

27th:- Full Moon ( Beaver Moon ).


12th:- New Moon.

26th:- Full Moon ( Cold Moon ).

We hope this helps you and your spell work, don't forget to check out the website for books and spell supplies!

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