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Litha 2022

This year Litha takes place on Tuesday 21st June. It is more commonly called the summer solstice and it marks the longest day of the year. as we move away from the lighter half of the year and the sunshine starts waning the earth readies itself for the darkness ahead. The days will get shorter and the nights will get longer as the Holly King takes over the reign of the Oak King to guide us through the winter. Litha is a time for celebration, it is the peak of the solar year and the sun is at its most potent, the earth is fertile and abundant and as a result Litha is often celebrated with feasts, Mead and bonfires.

Traditionally people stayed awake on Litha eve to watch the sun come up, then bonfires were lit and flaming torches were taken around the village to bless homes, businesses and livestock. Coals from the fires were then scattered on fields to ensure a good harvest. Oak trees were decorated with cloth and ribbon and rituals took place at the base of the tree.

Another way to celebrate Litha is to have a themed altar. Use oak leaves, fresh herbs and flowers and anything available in abundance ( please forage responsibly ). Crystals and Herbs are a really good choice some of the ones associated with Litha include.


* Carnelian

* Tigers Eye

* Citrine

* Green Aventurine

* Rose Quartz


* Chamomile

* Cinnamon

* Lavender

* Mugwort

* Rosemary

* Yarrow


* Gold

* Green

* Yellow

* Orange

* White

A really useful way to harness the power of the sun during the solstice is to make an energy bag, Gather herbs and crystals and put them in a glass jar or drawstring bag and set them out to charge under the suns rays for the day, you can then use the contents all year in spell work and rituals.

Finally i cant talk about Litha and not mention honey. The full moon during Midsummer is known as the Honey Moon, it is a natural sweetener and has lots of medicinal properties. It is the main ingredient in mead which is regarded as the divine solar drink which has magical and life restoring properties.

So this Litha drink mead, make honey cake for your family and friends and celebrate the lighter half of the year and the power of the sun.

Love & Light

Becci nand Holly

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