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Book Review of the Month- July

This months book is Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Keynes

A part of the Llewellyn's series, book 4 is a clear and comprehensive companion for ritual and spell work. Cross referenced, indexed and organised by categories & subcategories, this book is constructed in a way to help the reader find what they need.

This transfixing look at why correspondences are more than just a list of objects to focus on, they are fundamental to how we think. When we use correspondences, we weave together our ideas, perspectives and power, creating extensive meaning in our rituals and spell work

At first I found it a little confusing, but once I had a handle on the reference system it became quicker and easier to find what I needed. This is also ideal for those who enjoy creating their own spells from scratch

The book isn't especially detailed when it comes to Gods and Goddeses, but it works as a starting point for researching if you want to gain a deeper understanding (I'm a big fan of research)

No book will ever cover absolutely everything, and there are some things I personally should have liked to have seen included. However, this is probably the most inclusive guide I have come across and it has been very beneficial

(Book Review By Lucie Morningstar)

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