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Lemon Negativity Cleanse

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Here at Altar we like to learn and try new things. I saw someone perform a lemon cleanse on TikTok and decided that I want to know more about how and why lemons are so popular in cleaning and cleansing rituals.

For our ritual I hashed a few separate cleansing rituals together in a way that felt “right” to me. We do this a lot at altar because we like to take traditional practices and make them our own as much as possible, it also makes the spell more powerful as it has been created by you, for you!

Lemons are such a sunny fruit and represent joy, happiness and fulfilment, so you can see why they are used in spell work. From the rind, peel, flesh, juice and pips the whole lemon can be utilised to use in your practice. They also have practical uses in medicines, food and cleaning products.


To start with we took 1 lemon and some salt ( we used Epsom salts as we have a lot of it, we use it in our bath salts workshop a lot ) but any salt will do. Light some incense and meditate for a while, imagine your space being cleaned of any negativity and replaced by fresh, invigorating energy.

We then cut the lemon in to sections, not all the way through tho, so it sorta looks like a baked potato. We then filled the lemon with salt and sealed it with some white wax.

The idea is that if the lemon dries out it has done its job of clearing the negativity, if the lemon goes mouldy then start again with a new lemon, it means that there are a lot of bad vibes making things go wrong.

I’ve kept our lemon on our altar and lit a fresh white candle every day. You can keep your lemon for as long as you like, I’ve gone for a 5 day cleanse as Altar is a big space. Once you have finished your cleanse dispose of the ritual by putting it in the bin or burying it far away ( please don’t dispose of salt by burying it as it can change the composition of the soil and kill plants and wildlife ).

And it’s as simple as that, rituals don’t have to be complicated or expensive and who can resist the smell of fresh lemons! Let us know if you try it and how you get on. We love hearing about others practices and sharing is caring.

Love Becci and Holly

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