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Step in to your POWER tutorial

The step in to your power spell came about when we were researching Baphomet for our monthly subscription box. It has been the most popular spell kit we have ever made so we have given it an upgrade and made a video tutorial. Please excuse the amount of times I say erm I tried so hard not to say it but it seems that it's deeply ingrained in me to say erm and stutter and trip over my words a bit.

Anyway as I was saying, the power spell kit harnesses your inner power even if it has been forgotten about or locked away. The colours and ingredients have all been chosen for their specific magickal attributes and the wooden altar tile has a custom sigil engraved on to it for you to use anytime you need a reminder of the divine being that you are and to help you raise your vibrations to align with that fact. This will inturn empower you to achieve, create and prosper.

Not only do you get the herbs, crystal, candles and instructions but you can access the playlist we have put together to play while you perform this ritual, we feel that it helps to raise powerful energy but if you prefer to use other music or no music at all that is fine as well.

Just follow the link to access the playlist

Take as long as you want on this spell, and take time to meditate, journal and really invest in yourself and your energy. It's a spell done by you, for you so whatever you are comfortable with and empowers you is the right thing to do.

Don't forget to join the altar collective coven on Facebook and share your magickal experiences, ask questions and meet some beautiful souls and like minded people.

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