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Road Opening and Motivation

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I’ve been meaning to do a road opening spell for a long time, I kinda feel like I’m running uphill in mud so I’m hoping that this spell will help clear any blockages that are stopping me reach my full potential.

What is a Road Opening?

Primarily found in Hoodoo, Road Opening spells are performed to release any blockages that you may or not know about and allow you to move forward and live the life you want, the most important ingredient is a bushy shrub called Abre Camino which grown in warmer climates such as the Caribbean. The name literally translates to “Road Opening” and along with a few other herbs will make a powerful spell blend.

You can put your spell together any way you wish but I like to set up my altar, light my candles, meditate for a while and imagine my desired outcome. I also like to ask my guides for help or messages etc. I then like to write down my wishes on a bay leaf and burn it on a charcoal disk along with the other ingredients. For this spell I also added some blue string to my candle, it came to me while I was meditating so I assume its important to the spell. Its always good to take note of the things you see, hear and feel during meditation as your guides will give you advice in the forms of signs. I also left some Bread and Mead on my altar for Hecate, which is the deity I have asked to work with.

Here are all of the elements I used for this spell in case you would like to try it


Bay:- Healing, Protection, Purification, Strength.

Ginger:- Love, Money, Success, Power.

Basil:- Love, Wealth, Protection, Productivity.

Coffee:- Energy, Healing, Grounding, Overcome Blockages.

Abre Camino:- Road Opening.


Flourite:- Focus, Concentration, Creativity.

Hematite:- Grounding, Protection, Focus, Memory, Strength.

Carnelian:- Confidence, Empowerment, Motivation, Courage, Strength.

Clear Quartz:- Master Healer, Peace, Energy.


White:- New Beginnings, Purity, Harmony.

Black:- Protection, Banishing, Ending Negativity.

Blue:- Communication, Good Fortune, Focus, Wisdom.

Yellow:- Intelligence, Focus, Learning, Stimulating, Logic, New Ideas, Confidence.

Of course you don’t have to have all of these things, it’s the meditation, self- reflection and manifestation that make the most difference. I just find that I can concentrate my energy better if I have things to create a ritual out of. I Made this one quite long as I really need a positive outcome so I spent a while meditation and communicating with my guides.

Remember to always leave an offering when working with deities and say thank you when your ritual is over. It costs nothing to have manners and it will encourage the deity to want to work with you again. Having said that you can perform any spell by yourself, you don’t have to communicate with a deity, you can simply harness your own energy for the spell work.

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try this spell out, we love hearing about other peoples practices.

Much Love Becci & Holly

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