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Foraging your ingredients ~ Cleavers

Updated: Apr 29, 2021


I've been doing a lot of research behind the scenes putting together information for spell kits and workshops. I was browsing my trusty encyclopaedia of magical herbs by Scott Cunningham and I came across the magical properties for Cleavers.

Most of you will know this plant as sticky willy, sticky weed or duck weed, Its that plant that feels sticky and your friends attach to your back when you aren't looking! I'm big in to foraging and I collected some of this when I first appeared at the beginning of spring to try the cleaver juice, all you do is fill a jar with the cleavers, top it with water and leave in the fridge over night and in the morning you will have a refreshing sort of cucumber water tasting glass of Vitamin C, you can blend the cleavers and use in a smoothie as well, Only pick young ones as the older leaves become woody and don't taste nice at all.

Not only do cleavers taste great and are really good for you they have magical properties.

They are as follows

Gender: Feminine.

Planet: Saturn.

Element: Fire.

Powers: Relationships, Commitment, Protection, Tenacity.

I would personally use this plant in binding spells as the plant clings and binds to things while it is alive. I would also use it in any relationship spell where you want to reactivate a closeness, be it in a romantic relationship, family member or friend. Id also use this plant in any spells that need a bit more oomph, this plant is tenacious and hardy and has staying power and these attributes will transfer when you are performing spell work. A luck spell incorporating the cleaver would also be interesting.

Why not give it a go?, use this plant dried in spells where you need tenacity, commitment, protection or binding. You can forage and dry your own sticky weed, its not rare or poisonous but be mindful where you forage it from, road sides, pathways etc will have lots of pollution so try and find some away from main roads. don't worry though this stuff grows everywhere and will grow until the Autumn. If you don't have any or cant get our to forage then watch this space as I have a massive bundle drying right now so it will be up in the shop asap.

Happy Foraging


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