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Rustic vintage key
  • Rustic vintage key

    In some magical or occult practices, keys can be symbolic objects with various meanings and uses. They are often associated with unlocking hidden knowledge, accessing other realms, or as a representation of power and authority. Here are a few common associations with keys in magic:

    Symbol of Unlocking Secrets: Keys are often seen as tools to unlock hidden or mystical knowledge. They can represent the seeker's quest for wisdom and understanding.

    Protection: Some believe that keys can be used as protective talismans, keeping negative energies or entities at bay.

    Gateways: Keys can symbolize the ability to open gateways to other dimensions, both physical and metaphysical.

    Authority and Leadership: In some magical traditions, keys are associated with authority and leadership. Holding the "key" suggests a position of power and responsibility.

    Divination: Keys can be used in divination practices, such as key casting or reading the symbolism of keys to gain insights.

    Personal Transformation: In a metaphorical sense, keys can represent the means to unlock one's inner potential or facilitate personal transformation.

    Each key is different and may not be the same as the photos, the keys measure approx 3.5”

    You will receive one random key, chosen intuitively for you.

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