Golden Tiger's Eye Crystal DT Point Pendant

Dimensions: Roughly 3.4 cm in length and 7 mm in width.


Tigers eye attributes

Tigers eye is a protective stone that was originally carried as a talisman against curses and I’ll wishes.


• Assists in accomplishing goals and promotes clarity of intention.

• Grounds and facilitates manifestation of the will.

• Helps you recognise your own and other people’s needs.

• Differentiates wishful thinking, what you want and what you really need.

• Enhances practical perception.

• Helpful in resolving dilemmas.

• Heals issues of self worth, self criticism and blocked creativity.

• Supports an addictive personality in making changes.



• Helps with issues with the eyes.

• Heals the throat.

• Helpful in repairing broken bones.


Crystals are NOT a replacement for medical advice, if you are suffering please see a doctor

Each pendant will vary with it's own unique tigers eye colouring, shades and pattern. 

Tigers Eye Crystal Point Pendant with a sterling silver setting