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Sitting Lincoln Imp Horse Brass

Sitting Lincoln Imp Horse Brass

This beautiful horse brasses features the “Lincoln Imp” which is a medieval stone carving from Lincoln Cathedral. This horse brass can be used as an altar tile or decoration, reminding us of the childlike joy that can often be forgotten in our busy day to day lives and to bring luck in to your life.

Measures approx 3”

Horse brasses are decorative medallions, traditionally made of brass, used in various contexts, including:

Harness Decoration: Historically, horse brasses were used to decorate the harnesses of working horses, particularly in the United Kingdom. They were often displayed on the horse's chest or around the neck, adding a touch of beauty and flair.

Protection and Superstition: In addition to their decorative function, horse brasses were believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. They were sometimes considered protective charms for the horses.

Identification and Pride: These medallions could also signify the owner's pride in their horses and work. They were used to identify the horse's stable or to showcase achievements in fairs and competitions.

Collectibles and Home Decor: Today, horse brasses are popular as collectibles and decorative items for homes, particularly in rural or country-style interiors. They are often displayed on leather straps or hung on walls.

Cultural and Historical Significance: Horse brasses are valued for their historical and cultural significance, reflecting agricultural heritage and craftsmanship. Collectors often seek out antique or rare designs that represent different regions or eras.

Overall, horse brasses have evolved from practical and superstitious uses to become cherished items of historical and aesthetic value.

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