This listing is for 2 malachite tumblestones, each stone is different so please be aware that you will not get one that looks exactly like the picture. 


Each stone will come cleansed by me using either sound, water or smoke ready to be used as you wish and will arrive in 100% recyclable packaging. 


What are Tumble stones?

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, and brightly polished rocks, crystals, and minerals.

They are created by putting rough rocks in a machine called a rock tumbler. It tumbles the rocks until their edges and surfaces become smooth, shiny, and polished. They are perfect for adding to spells, candles, soaps and pouches or for jewellery and carrying around on your person ( in your pocket, sock, bra, wherever)

Malachite attributes
( avoid breathing in dust or using this crystal in an elixir as it is toxic )

•    Grounds spiritual energies.
•    Absorbs negative energies and pollutants.
•    Malachite is a stone of transformation.
•    Encourages risk taking and change.
•    Breaks unwanted ties and teaches how to take responsibility for your own actions.
•    Releases inhibitions and encourages expressing feelings.
•    Alleviates shyness and supports friendships.
•    Strengthens the ability to absorb and process information.

•    Useful for cramps.
•    Facilitates childbirth.
•    Lowers blood pressure.
•    Treats asthma.
•    Treats travel sickness and vertigo.

Crystals are NOT a replacement for medical advice, if you are suffering see a doctor.

Set of 2 Malachite Tumblestones