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Purifying Moon  Willow Diffuser

Purifying Moon Willow Diffuser

Esoteric- Purifying Moon

Willow stick diffuser in Long Ombre Colored Glass Jar with Tassel, a cork top, and Willow Reeds in Tube Packaging.

Scent: Palo Santo & Lavender

Included: 100ml of Oil and Willow Reeds

Willow stick change color: Purple

Enhance your living space with the subtle elegance of delicately scented willow sticks gently diffusing perfume. This dainty colored decanter is more than just a decorative piece; it's the perfect finishing touch your space needs to exude both beauty and charm. Crafted from sustainably sourced natural willow, it not only adds an air of sophistication to your interiors but also changes its color as the exquisite fragrance permeates the room, creating an inviting and enchanting ambience with its subtle, lingering scent.

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