Emerald Salt is made from Wild Garlic and Course Sea Salt, the garlic is Sustainably foraged by hand in the spring in the UK and made in to the emerald salt by us the same day.

Use in spells, bath soaks or even incense to give your practice a much loved nature twist.


Magickally Garlic has been used for thousands of years to provide protection, strength and healing. People used to hang strings of garlic bulbs over their doorways to repel negative energy or spirits (Vampires?) they also used to make tinctures and salves to use to keep evil at bay. Garlic is also used to attract love, stimulate strength, lust and passion so is great for use in love spells.


Read all about how to make your own Emerald Salt here 


or if you dont have time or the wild garlic isnt in season by directly from us, just choose your quantity.

Emerald Salt