These spell candles measure approx 21cm and are available in the following colours.


Red:- Sensuality, desire, lust, love, ambition, virility and strength. 

Orange:- Positivity, courage, sucess, change and transformation.

Yellow:- Brilliance, joy, clarity, insight, happiness and healing.

Green:- Money, abundance, fertility, youth, luck, prosperity and wealth.

Blue:- Strength, healing, peace, tranquility and cleansing.

Pink:- True love, affection, compassion, beauty, healing and harmony.

Black:- Wisdom, renewal, deflecting negativity, binding, banishing and protection

White:- Wonder, purity, new beginnings, fertility, balance and inspiration.


each candle is hand dipped so is white in the centre, they will burn for approx 8 hours. Please choose the colour you require from the menu.


never leave candles unattended and always burn on a heat proof surface.

Coloured Candles ( x 1)