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Collective Around The Cauldron, Tuesday 4th June. Alister Crowley.
  • Collective Around The Cauldron, Tuesday 4th June. Alister Crowley.

    Tuesday 4th June, 7pm onwards.


    Love him or Loathe him, Alister Crowley has made a huge impact on the occult. From his early years in a Christian household to his controversial later years, come and learn all about this fascinating man and his legacy.

    Elin is the perfect person to deliver this talk as she lived and worked at Alister Crowley house on the banks of Loch Ness, we have heard Elin speak before and this talk is not one to miss!


    Once a month we are hosting a meeting for like minded souls to connect, share and relax in the ethereal setting of Altar Collective.


    Each month will be different but the aim of each meeting will be the same, to come and learn something new through a short talk or presentation, Take part in a short relaxing meditation and be able to connect with others in a safe and inclusive setting.


    We encourage different people to do a short presentation on something they are passionate about if they want to or for people to bring interesting books, items or subjects that they would like to talk about.


    It is a very informal setting and more like a club than a workshop.


    Light refreshments are included and the small fee will go in to the kitty every month so that we can buy things for the whole club to benefit from.

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