Dimensions: Length of pendant does vary slightly but is normally between 30-35mm.

Other information: Made from solid sterling silver.


Carnelian Attributes 


•    Carnelian grounds and anchors you to the present reality.
•    A stabilising stone with high energy, it is excellent at restoring motivation.
•    Stimulates creativity and vitality.
•    Carnelian cleanses other stones.
•    It gives courage and promotes positive life choices.
•    Motivates for success in business.
•    Useful in overcoming abuse.
•    Carnelian helps you trust yourself and encourages steadfastness. 
•    Calms anger and banishes emotional negativity.


•    Carnelian stimulates the metabolism.
•    Influences the female reproductive organs and encourages fertility.
•    Can help heal lower back problems and arthritis.
•    Regulates bodily fluid and the kidneys.
•    Improves the absorption of vitamins. 

Crystals are NOT a replacement for medical advice, if you are suffering please see a doctor.


The pendant comes with a 17" black cotton necklace.

Carnelian Crystal Point Pendant with a sterling silver setting