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Cacao Ceremony 15th March
  • Cacao Ceremony 15th March

    Twilight Cacao

    Deb is an experienced Cacao facilitator, tapping into the wisdom of indigenous Cacao ceremonies for spiritual and emotional growth. She channels the healing and wisdom of Mama Cacao, a gentle yet potent healer, guiding transformative journeys.

    Deb’s expertise extends to female energy work, specializing in womb blessings, healings, and Reiki. She also empowers women through women’s circles, fostering the innate feminine power within

    During the ritual we’ll go into a ceremonial space

    Open up the space and call in guardians and directions based on the wheel of the Chakana (Andean traditions)

    Brief introduction to cacao, it’s origins and spiritual and physical benefits

    Call in the spirit of the cacao to work with us on our intentions

    We will then perform a short meditation to meet mama cacao then leave them to journey whilst in deep relaxation.

    15th March



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