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Bind Rune Necklace for Sucess
  • Bind Rune Necklace for Sucess

    These beautiful Bind rune pendants have been created by us as a sigil for Sucess in business or a relationship, it has all of the elements needed for prosperity blended in to one beautiful rune.

    The 3 runes that make up this pendant are

    Ingwaz for Personal Development, Growth, Energy, Fertility, Creativity.

    Mannaz for Intuition, Balance, Partnership, Intelligence.

    Fehu for Wealth, Abundance, Luck, Power, Prosperity.

    Each pendant measures 2.5” tall by 1.7” wide and 6mm thick

    You can choose from

    untreated, so you can treat the wood yourself.

    Rick Teak

    Or Dark Oak

    The pendants come ready to wear on a waxed cotton thong necklace and in a black gift box.

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