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Abundance Wreath Spell Kit
  • Abundance Wreath Spell Kit

    Bring abundance and fertility in to your life, open doors and new ideas, creativity and prosperity will come through.

    This spell can be performed any time of the year but it is especially potent at Beltane.

    This spell kit includes, herbs, candles and crystals that have been carefully chosen to help you bring abundance in to your life.

    The first photo is an example of what you will make with this spell kit, it included a mini wreath, some fake flowers, ribbons and wired crystals as well as all of the spell ingredients.

    Spell work is an amazing tool to use on the path to recovery but is not a replacement for professional medical care. If you are suffering please seek help from a professional. A spell alone is sometimes not enough.

    This product is also available on our website, Etsy page and in our bricks and mortar shop in Wolverhampton, UK.

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