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The Divine Feminine.

The divine feminine is a spiritual concept and actually has nothing to do with gender. It is based on a strong but gentle energy that brings balance to us all, The balance between masculine and feminine. The divine feminine is often overlooked for the more masculine traits that are held in high regard in todays society but like everything in life we need to embrace both sides to live a balanced and fulfilling existence. Use the sun and the moon as an example, both have very different energies, traits and uses but without each other there would be no life on earth.

The patriarchal and masculine structure has long dominated organised religion, society and even family life, and while the masculine traits of “producing and visible” ( think hustle culture ) are important if they are out of balance then you will find yourself becoming exhausted, depressed, stressed and burnt out. If you are only embracing your masculine traits you will become off balance very quickly.

The divine feminine is more aligned with receiving, nurture, fertility, self care and softness. Embracing the divine feminine means embracing ourselves and slowing down. Examining ourselves honestly and holistically to find a balance of masculine and feminine that works for us.

The divine feminine is ultimately a journey of self exploration through shadow work, meditation and creativity to bring balance to your life. Feelings and qualities such as intuition, nurturing, receptivity and interconnectedness are all linked to the divine feminine, if we only embrace either the feminine or masculine ( usually dictated by societal values ) it creates an imbalance that isn’t sustainable.

Ways to embrace your feminine side.

1) Lean in to feeling rather than thinking, trust your intuition, connect with your gut feelings and act on them ( in this instance I find meditation and practice helpful to achieve this ).

2) Embrace Community, Surround yourself with like minded people, share food and stories, perform tasks together and be creative.

3) If you are spiritual learn about feminine deities and ask them to work with you on your path.

4) Notice when something brings you joy or inspiration and embrace it consciously, making time in your day to really feel the importance of the little things.

Here at Altar Collective we work with a lot of feminine energy, be it from ourselves, feminine deities or others that are part of the altar community. We always embrace this and use it in manifestation, meditation and spell work. We make sure to honour both the masculine and feminine on our altar to restore balance and make our space a safe, inclusive, joyful place to be.

If you want to know more about the divine feminine and especially the feminine deities then watch this space, we have a few favourites that we will tell you all about very soon.

Love and light

Becci and Holly

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