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New Moon Ritual March 2021

Usually the new moon makes me grumpy and I’m left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted but for some reason this months new moon has had the opposite effect. So I’ve taken advantage of this little burst of energy and inspiration and created my own new moon ritual.

I started with gathering my ingredients. * Sage incense for cleansing energy.

* Rose for love and happiness ( these petals are very special as they were collected from a bunch that I gifted to my grandmother, they are her favourite yellow rose )

* Rosemary for enhancing concentration.

* Sunflower petals for healing grief and strengthening friendship ( collected from my sunflowers last year )

* Pink salt for mental balance.

* Cayenne Pepper for banishing and reversing negative energy and also to give the ritual a kick. * Bay leaves for purification and protection.

I also used some coloured candles to represent my intentions and desires for the coming month.

* Pink for love, relationships and healing.

* Green for abundance and growth

* Orange for Creativity, ambition, attraction and inspiration.

* Purple for Wisdom.

all I did for the ritual was centre myself and meditate for a few minutes to open my heart and mind to all the possibilities and to connect with my subconscious. I then lit a charcoal disk and slowly added the herbs and spices, concentrating on my goals and what I wanted to manifest. As I added the ingredients I asked the universe for help and gave thanks for what I had already achieved.

I then wrote down my wishes on the bay leaves and burnt them along with the charcoal disk. I did intend on leaving it there but i had an urge to do myself a tarot reading and we all know that when the cards call you answer. The outcome was just what I needed to hear and I’m left excited, invigorated and confident. What’s not to love about that!

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