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Love and Passion Dressed candles

Wether you need to love yourself more, or you want to attract the perfect partner or maybe you would like to Instill more passion and love in to an area of your life then you may want to give this simple candle magic spell a go. Packed with herbs, colours and intent as well as optional anointing oil, these small candles give an added boost to spellwork.

You will need:-

A T light candle

A Red Candle for Love, Passion and Energy

A Pink Candle for Love, Connection, Romance, Affection, Warmth, Joy, Beauty.

Marjoram for Luck, Harmony, Love, Growth, Protection and Joy.

Rose for Love, Healing, Divination, Protection and Luck.

Chilli for Passion, Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love, Adds extra energy.

Clear Quartz for Amplifying Energy, Enhances Mental Clarity, Stabilises Emotions, Healing.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Anointing Oil (optional)


1)Make sure your mind, body and space are clean and cleansed. Make some time to meditate on what you are wanting to attract.

2)When you are ready sprinkle on all of the herbs and a coup,e of crystal chips. Use the candles to drip wax on top to hold the ingredients in place.

3)You can now anoint the candle if you so wish and light the flame. Watch the flame burn and meditate for a while longer. Imagine your life as if you already have the love and passion you desire. When you are ready snuff your candle out or put it in a heat proof storm lantern and let it burn.

Please never ever leave a lit candle unattended, these candle in particular have extra flammable elements so always have something ready to extinguish the candle if needed. Don't breathe in the smoke directly.

Spell work is a wonderful way to build confidence and add a boost to your wishes but it is not a replacement for medical care, if you are suffering please seek professional medical help.

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